Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Playing Outside

The boys and I pretty much worked all day outside. I handed L a hammer, some nails, a piece of wood, and some pipes to play with. Between that, their bikes, and gardening they were entertained all morning. (the final product was a trap to keep Cats out of the garden which basically was a long piece of wood with nails sticking out in a pattern and evenly spaced. nice job L)

I've told myself over and over to leave the yard work for Chris since I seem to always feel sore and injured after working in the garden. However, I can't resist. I love doing it and am satisfied with the work.

I usually do the trimming, weeding, and detailing of the garden. It just seems to be my job. Chris doesn't seem to care about that stuff.

I finally decided to add some color to the front yard and after all the weeding, trimming, and ripping out of grass in the flower bed, we headed to what the boys call "the dirty store." We picked up fall flowers from Home Depot and Lowes. All the boys planted a couple plants including K who did his after school.

Video Games

Something I've noticed is that the boys haven't played video games since Loyd moved out. It seemed to be the thing to do with Loyd. He left an old play station that the kids got bored of. Chris bought an x box years ago. The boys loved playing lego star wars on that. But, I don't even know where the game is now and they haven't asked to play in a long time. I can't even remember when the last time was. And I'm so pleased.

The boys do watch PBS. Some favorites include curious George, which A will drop anything he's doing to go see, Ruff Ruff, and CyberChase.

Most of the time they build, create, make, and play with stuff, not necessarily with toys. They keep real busy and seem to go from one room to another. K is always making stuff, drawing, cutting, designing (games, ideas, plans). Right now he's way into Yugioh cards and is constantly making stuff to organize them (arm bands, folders, boxes). He has made several versions of a game board. The boys are so busy and happy. I can hand them tape, glue, sissors, paper and they'll be entertained literally the whole day. I'm proud of them.

Just Me and K

K gets to stay up later than the other boys sometimes. Usually the other two crash after a certain point.

Alot of times this is when K does homework and reads. And I'm more than happy to feed him again since he eats so little during meals.

So we chatted and hung out. And it was nice.

October Activities

There are tons of things going on this month that you can do as a family. I'm so excited about it all.....corn mazes, haunted houses, wheeler farms festivities, gallivan center is having a party for kids, thanksgiving point festivities... I have a list.

Anyway, the boys are earning positive points to be able to go to these. It's my way to get them to do their part around here. Hey, we all work for food, including these boys.


Lettie said...

Busy household - and productive too.

I love all the fall activities. I often feel like there just isn't enough time for me to do them all before Halloween rolls around.

lucy said...

I agree. I'm just hoping I stick to it and do them because normally I don't. I'm more of a housebound person.

CUTRER said...

Reading all the things your boys do takes me back 5 yrs ago w/ J & M they did everything that your boys do from the tv shows to the card games. I loved watching them! Now they have me riding ripp sticks w/them and talking about girls (sometimes)

Chris said...

aw, so cute...miss you guys.

Jen said...

Isn't this time of year so fun! I love it and I am so glad that it has been warm enough to enjoy these activities. I think your reward system is great...it is usually so hard for me to follow through with stuff like that so good for you!

the narrator said...

i could have easily made a better cat trap

VAgirlinUT said...

Sounds like you are all having a great Fall. Let's get together soon! Wheeler Farm, maybe? They have pony rides now...