Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We usually are heading out the door at 8 a.m. to take K to school which starts at 8:15 a.m.

My alarm goes off at 7:15. I turned it off and do what I always do: go back to sleep. When L comes up to me and whispers, "mom I'm hungry." I gage how I'm feeling and realize that it's way past snooze and we may even be cutting it close.

I look at my time. 8:05.

K, we're late, it's 8:05, we over slept, get up, get dressed, you're having school lunch today, let's go guys.

I throw K some clothes, make him a sandwich to eat for breakfast, help him put his shoes on, smooth out his hair with some spit (jk).

Kids barefoot, with my morning hair, I put sunglasses on, drive with no hands as I fix my hair, and somehow we get K to school before that final bell.

Me to K...When we hit the driveway you need to get unbuckled, put your bag on, and when I say go, jump out and run.

I was feeling relieved but as I was driving home felt bad for all the things that didn't happen:

K didn't use the toilet
He didn't get a drink with that sandwich.
Didn't get gel and hairspray, chap stick, and moisturizer with sunscreen.
An "I love you"
Didn't get family prayer.


Marisa said...

Wow, his school starts early! Trey's bus comes at 8:50 and school doesn't start until 9:10! But still I have done that where I wake up and realize I have 5 minutes until he needs to leave for the bus!

the narrator said...

time to get that boy an alarm so he can get himself up

CUTRER said...

And it doesn't get any better with them as they get older! R is still my hardest to get out the door and M doesn't care if he brushes his teeth yuk! J is the only one who wont go out w/out one hair out of place.... I love mother hood you get to look great 24 seven.

lucy said...

marisa--our school starts so early and I was shocked when I found out how early. I have a bunch of friends that are the same as you guys and I can't imagine how nice that must be.

loyd--I agree. Anything to make sure it all doesn't depend on this mama.

Chris said...

I wake up to that (picture) every day! :P jk. You are alway gorgeous nancy, I have a hard time believing that you had to do anything to look even more beautiful.

CUTRER said...

Oh ya our kids start at 8:25 first bell and that is with pulling teeth to get R out the door with her long thick hair!

Angela said...

so funny and sweet. i feel like that when i am rushed. there are so many things to do in order for your morning to feel complete. the family i live with right now goes through that routine everyday! ha ha ha! and when its over, she´ll look at me and say ¨i don´t know why i stress. no one will die if they are late¨