Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm sick of looking at my marathon post (Rated R, for language)

My camera broke, bummer or maybe not. Means I get a new camera in the near future? Maybe.

My foot is feeling uninjured, but I have yet to run on it.

A learned to urinate on his own since I was limping around. Usually I held him up a few inches and helped him aim. But, we found a better system. He tip toes and sits his penis on the rim of the toilet and makes it just fine. Of course I would never let him do that using someone else's toilet. gross. We found an even better system. The kids found a very heavy Accounting book that A uses to get him up a couple inches instead of tip toeing. It works great. If he has to go poop, he tells me and I say "o.k. call me when you're done." He sets his toilet insert and adjust things so he doesn't spray and calls me when he's done to finish business. What a kid.

My brother, his wife, and baby visited from Vegas this weekend. It was nice to have company. The kids seemed to enjoy the extra ears. They were pleasant company and I think his wife is great.

I played softball. I'm on a team with people from Chris' work. I've been showing up without Chris since he's been out of town going on 3/7 weeks. Every week someone asks me where he's at and I remind them "out of town." But they don't seem to mind me coming, in fact they ask me to come and so now I just make sure I have a sitter on that night. We've had a lot of close games under pressure which makes things exciting. This week my luck ran out and I need to head for the batting cages asap. Anyone wanna join me?

I found several cute shorts on sale that I purchased. I had one pair of shorts and really needed to add some to my wardrobe. I love shopping again. Dangerous.

Now that the marathon is past, I've moved some of my focus to our Yucatan trip this Fall. Yucatecos don't like to be called Mexicans. The term Mexicans are what they use for the people from Mexico City. In fact when I was talking to my grandma a few years ago, I asked her how Merida was and she replied that there is more crime now that Mexicans are moving in. Granted she is "Mexican" because she is from Mexico but she is actually from Merida and doesn't consider herself "Mexican." Does that make sense? And she speaks Mayan, because that's what they speak. I think that is soooo cool. I wish I could.

So the general outline for the trip will be to fly into Cancun, rent a car, drive to Merida (4 hours) to my parent's house on the first day. Visit ruins, the city, site see, from there. Now, I ask myself why not fly into Merida out from Cancun? I remember now, it was way cheaper to fly into and out of Cancun. On the fourth day, we'll stay in Tulum and explore that place. Maybe two nights there and the last night in Cancun. But as of yesterday, it was two nights in Cancun. Go snorkeling at one of those two places. My brother suggested to use a company because they boat you out to the coral reefs and know exactly where to take you. We wouldn't even know where to start. So it will cost a pretty penny for that activity but should be worth it. Don't be jealous if you weren't invited this time around. We've made Nate and Collete our "guinea pigs." There probably will be a next time and maybe you won't want to come depending on whether the trip was a flop or not. I'm hoping that no one gets sick; a very big concern for me since I always spend a great deal of time on or over the toilets when I go.

This week the boys had 5 birthday parties between the two oldest! It all worked out but yeah, at this rate I'm going to have to cut down on milk to buy birthday gifts.

L did awesome at his soccer game. Now that he's not playing in the nets and laying around, he's doing amazing. And I'm so proud of him. He was so happy today. He was pleasant and his emotional bank account was full and I really enjoyed him today since it was just him and I for a few hours. Sometimes it's hard to see their goodness when they're fighting over attention, all talking over each other and competing. It's so much easier to see them for who they are when it's just that one. And remember......oh yeah, this one is easy to shop with or this one is self entertained or really fun and easy going. I remembered that about L today. Such a good boy. All of them are.


the narrator said...

from the title of the post i was expecting this to read like the way you talk when losing to me at setters ;)

i was telling angela today that i really miss the boys, and specifically talked about how much i enjoyed the small one on one times i had with them - especially the two oldest. i miss playing 'i spy' and legos with L, and losing to monopoly and reading with K.

Lettie said...

I agree with Loyd - I was expecting some worse words, because, in my opinion, penis is just about as inappropriate as elbow or nose.
I noticed the accounting book at your house and figured it was a door stop, but now I know its real purpose. Whenever I read about Apollo's bathroom skills it just reminds me that I need to start working on Zeke. So not excited about that battle.
Nate and I are happy to be guinea pigs. I just need to get a lot skinnier before I will be able to be near you in a swimsuit! :)

lucy said...

Loyd-what words would those be exactly? I don't recall them. And I put that on the title bar only because I know that the older generation of people who read my blog don't talk about bathroom stuff.

collete--you won't be seeing me in any bikinis! my bfs would make fun of me because of how covered I was in my bathing suits. I've never had a bikini bod and never will unless I go through some fake construction. So you won't have to worry. I'll be as covered or more as the guys.

VAgirlinUT said...

Cute post. You have a lot going on in your life! I didn't know you were going to Mexico! Sounds amazing. PS - can you have a come teach D how it's done?? Please?

the narrator said...

if i remember correctly, the words were #@$%, %@#$, and %@$#.

lucy said...

Loyd--oh yeah, I remember now. likely story especially since you haven't won at settlers in ages. If I remember correctly, you walked out on a game. you big baby :0)

Amy-Alisa said...

Trav and I went to the Yucatan for our "honeymoon". Tulum was my favorite (Chichen Itza is impressive, but Tulum is just so beautiful). We stayed in Playa Del Carmen which is just south of Cancun and not as touristy. It was awesome. But we didn't go snorkeling or scuba diving or anything because we were doing it on the cheap, but that is our one regret, so do it! We also never got sick because we only drank bottled water or Coke, which is so good there!

lucy said...

Amy--I'm going to have to call you soon about Tulum. I don't know a whole lot about it but I hear it is nice. Did you think Playa del Carmen was far away or would you recommentd staying in Tulum?