Monday, September 22, 2008

September 20th has come and gone

Thank goodness! I would do it again as long as I know my body is healthy enough to do one again. I took it really slow coming in at the half way point at 2 hours 25 minutes. Sweet I thought. At this pace I will be under 5 hours. However, the last 6 miles I added a couple minutes per mile, slowing down quite a bit. I came in at 5 hours 3 minutes. Which I am both happy and disappointed about. Happy because I thought it would take me more than that and disappointed because I was so close to the time I wanted to come under.

At mile 10 my left ankle started hurting. I have never had problems with that ankle and was confused. I ran a few more miles on it and couldn't take it any more. I prayed. A minute later I moved the timing chip off my ankle and up my leg. The pain went away. I was able to continue the race as I had been doing. But, the damage was already done. So in the middle of the night I woke up and my foot was swollen. I thought maybe I broke/fractured my leg but today the swelling is down and I've been able to walk on it this morning. Everything else feels really good. I wish I would have known to keep the Velcro loose and I would have avoided that all together.

I did walk a short stretch between mile 23 and 24 but it hurt to walk so I decided to run again . The hill that people were warning me about was nothing compared to the hills I trained on. Cake to say the least.

Things I want to remember but you don't have to read:
Looked out the window and it was raining. I was worried because I didn't have rain gear. I did have a plastic rain Pancho in our emergency kit I took with me just in case.
The rain cleared and it was a gorgeous run with a few spurts of sprinkles to cool me down.
Sat next to someone on the bus and chatted all the way up. Glad for friendly people.
I was starving when we got to the top of the canyon. I was worried about not having any fuel to run when I found a lone banana perched on a light post. Should I eat it? I kept eying it and was feeling desperate and embarrassed that I would stoop so low. But, it was calling my name and everyone was in line to start the race. After looking around and asking the opinion of the guy next to me, he said "it still has it's cover!" So I devoured it with a smile on my face, thankful for this banana I found practically on the floor.
Someone lost a package of Gu (carbohydrates) and the guy cleaning up asked me if I wanted it. I took it and nibbled on it slowly, thankful for the carbs.
There were two guys walking/running around me. They'd pass me, I'd pass them. I swear they were trying to keep up. Finally, they told me to slow down because they were trying to keep my pace. They hadn't trained at all!!!!! Good grief. So we started jogging together. After a while they just couldn't keep up even though I was really slow and I never saw them again until after the race. They didn't do too shabby considering their lack of training.
Some lady dropped her shorts a few feet off the course to relieve herself in my perfect view. Just fabulous. There's no shame when you're desperate, as I've learned for myself.
Mile 14, I'm feeling really good. I lost my breath when I saw Chris and the boys.
After looking around, I thought that this might be the place for retirement.
Mile 16, if I can just get to mile 20 then I can think about walking.
Mile 20, I think I can still keep going. phhh. 6 miles left. that's nothing. one more hour. If I can just get to the 5 miles and counting down.
Mile 21, where is the next mile marker. Why is it taking longer to reach them?!! I hit the "wall."
Mile 22, just 4 more and counting down.
Mile 25, Ok, last one, picking up the pace, as fast as I can possibly make my body go towards the finish line, which was probably pathetic for a sprint.
Went and visited the Dameron's in Tremonton, who we were originally going to stay with. What a good family!


Lisa said...

Congratulations on completing your race. I still don't know if I could ever run a full marathon. I guess as long as I had really trained for it, I would be ok, but the thought of training that hard doesn't make me want to. : ) I love your fall colors on your header. I'm definitely wishing we had more colors at the moment, people keep telling me that they'll come, but we'll see.

Lettie said...

I am so proud of you, Nancy! That is really amazing. Congratulations. Oh, and I am glad you got decent weather.

the narrator said...

great job!

i still think you're crazy though.

Marisa said...

I seriously am so amazed that you did that! It kind of makes me want to... kind of. Wow.

Chris said...

You were wonderful babe! Fun to watch and the kids enjoyed seeing their mom race!

lucy said...

lisa, lettie, marisa--having known you've all done half marathons or triathlons, this is doable. I was really surprised at how well i felt having only done 3 long runs after my half marathon in August. Although it was rough, I absolutely loved my experience and am all for anyone who wants to try one out. I loved the experience!!!

D said...

You're awesome! I'll be happy to run 5 miles after delivery and an o.k from my doc.

Sara C. said...

Yay for you!!! You're amazin'!

VAgirlinUT said...

So proud of you! I cried reading this, knowing how you must have felt. Wow - you inspire me! Can't wait to run one with you!

Cheri said...

Way to go! That is amazing and you must feel so good. I hope you did something fun to celebrate.

April said...

You are amazing! I am always in awe at anyone who can complete a marathon. I love reading your blog and being inspired.

Angela said...

wow! i am impressed. and i loved the extra tidbits describing your experiences. you ate the banana! good for you! while i was reading that paragraph i was saying to myself ¨nancy! eat the banana!¨ hahaha and wow! you are awesome!

Chris said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love you!

Jen said...

I am so proud of you for finishing the race! What an awesome example you are...