Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's New?

The old banner is down and I've changed the face of my blog. Something that usually is easy to do ended up being a hassle because of a word document I posted up on the blog that was messing things up.

We're really excited about Halloween. Last Saturday we all dressed up and went to Chris' work party. Wish we had pics. Sorry.

K's backpack was taken/stolen from him yesterday after school. What's up with that? Hopefully it was a simple mistake and it's returned today. I'll be volunteering a couple Wednesday's a month to help out with the math station and I'm really excited about this.

L is active as usual but very helpful. He is constantly doing things to help me something he's done since he was teeny, tiny. He's also quick to do what's asked of him, such a good boy. During the Primary Sacrament program he was doing spit yoyos. Completely disgusting and if I had known I would have put an end to it. Urgh. He was sitting/standing on the front row.

A is talking tons. He still loves his thumb and bottle of milk. Am I not putting an end to both when I should? It's just so babyish and I'm not sure I'm ready to let go.

Chris is excited about possibly picking up a new client that is just 5-10 minutes away. It would be an engagement that would last through April. That would be really nice.

I'm still going back and forth about doing a triathlon on Nov. 8th. I really do want to do it. It shouldn't be too bad except that the swim is the last event and I am very uncomfortable about this. It would be a different challenge but I don't know if I can swim after running and biking. I guess I'll have to find out this week before making the decision.

Nate and Collete came over of dinner on Sunday and we discussed our trip to Mexico. We are going to try and snorkel from Cozumel which is about 30 minutes from the main island. While there we are thinking about renting a couple of scooters to travel the island and visit ruins. I'm totally looking forward to this. I find it humorous that Nate is afraid Collete will crack her head open. I don't think I've ever heard manly Nate voice any worried concerns about anything. It must be true love ;0).

Chris and I received new callings. We are nursery workers. I am excited about this. For one, I get to hang out with Chris and two I get to play with little munchkins and there are a couple I can't wait to get my hands on.


Amy-Alisa said...

I love the new look, good colors and kind of soothing.

VAgirlinUT said...

Very pretty background! Tres chic. Your boys are adorable - thanks for the update. See you Saturday!

Brian said...

You don't know me Lucy but I grew up with Chris. I just had to make a comment about A and the thumb. Stop now! When our 7 year old started sucking her thumb we thought it was cute and she soothed herself back to sleep. For years we have done many things to get her to stop like putting tabasco sauce on her thumb to getting a "pokey" retainer in her mouth. Thank goodness she doesn't do it any more but because of it she is now going to an orthodontist to fix what her thumb sucking did. So, to avoid future problems I would yank that thumb out now! Brian

lucy said...

thanks Brian. I'll work on it. I can rationalize with him now but yesterday he looks at me with his thumb up and asks "o.k. mom?" meaning can I suck my thumb and I couldn't resist when he asked like that