Thursday, November 06, 2008

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70% of African Americans backed Prop. 8, exit poll finds

12:10 PM, November 5, 2008

A lot of Obama/Yes-on-8 voters? The Associated Press exit polls show that African Americans and Latinos backed Proposition 8 in good numbers. Details here from AP:

California's black and Latino voters, who turned out in droves for Barack Obama, also provided key support in favor of the state's same-sex marriage ban. Seven in 10 black voters backed a successful ballot measure to overturn the California Supreme Court's May decision allowing same-sex marriage, according to exit polls for The Associated Press.

More than half of Latino voters supported Proposition 8, while whites were split. Religious groups led the tightly organized campaign for the measure, and religious voters were decisive in getting it passed. Of the seven in 10 voters who described themselves as Christian, two-thirds backed the initiative. Married voters and voters with children strongly supported Proposition 8. Unmarried voters were heavily opposed.

-- Shelby Grad

photo: Los Angeles Times

I thought this was an interesting find. Looks like African Americans, Latinos, religious people, married people, and people with children are against same sex marriage.

I'm amongst them. Having children was the huge factor for me. I use to be opposed like the unmarried voters who voted against Prop. 8, but I just feel this overwhelming opposition now since my children are getting older. I really feel it's a fight to raise kids these days. I don't need another thing.


the narrator said...

The black support is largely due to the efforts of black churches and the immense funding from the LDS church.

How does SSM affect your children? Do you think it will make them gay? Regardless of whether or not SSM is legalized, there will still be plenty of gay parents raising children. Have you thought much of those children? How would you feel if K, L, and A were taught that they didn't come from a real family because of some arbitrary reason? Are you going to teach K, L, and A that their friends who have gay parents don't belong in a real family? Are you going to prevent them from hanging out with those kids to protect them?

lucy said...

As you know I've changed my stance on SSM recently. \

I teach my kids to respect others.

I haven't found myself in that situation yet.

But I have found myself in different situations that I handle as they come. Recently some neighbor kids and their family was investigated for sexual abuse. Just because they may have been victimized....I'm not going to isolate my kids from them.

However, (this did happen) when one of the kids says "shut that f... b.... doll up" in front of my kids and the other wants to play with the bedroom doors closed....I take action. Problems with those kids over and over again.

Those behaviors are unacceptable. I've talked to them about it even the mom. So now, they are allowed to play outside, under OUR supervision meaning with their mom too.

If the gay people's kids were doing/saying things that are unacceptable behaviors--swearing, sexually acting out, being abusive in any way.........the same rules apply.

If they can play as kids do...then I'm fine with it.

I just prefer their sexual orientation be kept to themselves.

It is a moral issue for me. I prefer that if people are swinging or having inappropriate keep it to themselves. I don't want to know about it. I don't want to see it. It's between God and them.

lucy said...

I guess the question is.......Can a gay family accept that I'm against their lifestyle? Can we agree to disagree and still be friends and get along?

I'm friends with a lot of people who are different than I am. I like some better than others because we get along better.

I've met and associated with gay people before and actually think they are fun and easy to talk to. I've met others who are completely unfriendly as well.

People are people. Can we agree to be different and still be friends? I'm o.k. with it. But are they?

the narrator said...

I'm sure a gay family could still be your friends even if you disagree with their lifestyle. If you in disagreeing with their lifestyle, you try to legally end their marriage (as may be the case with 18,000 married homosexuals in California) they might not want to be your friend.

I think Jon Stewart made this point well.

lucy said...

you can't speak for them. It goes both ways. If they expect me to see their point of view, why shouldn't I expect them to see my point of view and agree to disagree.

Some other thoughts...Can gay couples teach their children, they've somehow acquired, that they have a choice in this matter? That they can be heterosexual and still be loved by them.

Are there gay people who are racist?

Just some thoughts. No one is perfect.

the narrator said...

I might also add that it shouldn't be surprising that two groups of minorities (blacks and Mormons) who were fighting for their rights against a majority were later hypocritically (especially Mormons) using their combined majority to quench the rights of a minority.

I say it's not surprising because history has shown us this unfortunate pattern time and time again.

lucy said...

Some things change.....and some things don't.

VAgirlinUT said...

Wow. Not sure if I should get into this heated topic. will still be my friend if I totally and completely disagree with you, right?

I don't think gay marriage is a moral issue in any way. It is a civil rights issue. Whether or not we feel being gay is morally right or wrong has nothing to do with the fact that we live in America where we say ALL people are equal. If a grown, consenting, loving couple wants to be married - that is their right. Them being married isn't throwing their sexuality in your face any more than you being married to Chris is throwing your sexuality in theirs. And you are right, it is between God and them, so we should have no say in the matter.

I thing the one thing that has surprised me the most in your stance on this matter, was the blog entry where you said that you used to be OK with it, but now that you have kids you aren't, as you wouldn't want to have to explain it to them. And yet, you are pro-choice? How is explaining a fetus getting ripped apart and suctioned from it's mother's womb easier to explain than two people, who happen to be the same sex, falling in love? Just something I have been wondering for a while.

Lettie said...

I believe that gay people should have rights as couples. As to what it should be called - who cares. If all the LEGAL rights are the same I don't see what the problem is.
I am thankful that there are laws on marriage though. A brother shouldn't be able to wed his sister, a mother not her son, a man/woman not with multiple people, and an adult certainly not with a child.
I don't believe a gay couple being married will hurt me. I don't think my being married hurts them. I do think it is confusing though. And, although I'd like them to have equal legal rights as I do with Nate, I just don't know if I like the idea of what they have being considered the same as what I have. I don't know why that is. I do, however, see in my own home how valuable it is to have a male and female parent for my kids. Not everyone - gay or straight - gets this and I feel very blessed. There is so much that my boys get from Nathan that I just couldn't give them.
(See how I'm a fence sitter, Loyd - it's really easy for me to see why each side is right aka OPEN MINDEDNESS!)

la espaƱola said...

I'm amazed, it worked!
I hope you know who I am, Lucy and that you don't mind to have somebody my age making comments on your blog.
I'm with you. I don't hate gay people, in fact I know some and one has come to my house every week for years. I don't care. I agree that the word "marriage" should be use only when the union is between a man and a women. You can call it something else when it is between two men or two women. Eventhough I don't agree with that live style I realize that their relationships need legal protection and I am for them.
Maybe you don't know this but when I was born in my home country homosexual were thoughned (did I spell this correctly?) in jail, beaten and giving electrol shocks to cure them. We have come a long way since those days. Now gay marriage is legal and you can see gay couples kissing etc anywhere on the streets. What do you think?

Chris said...

hola tia!

lucy said...

Personally I've come to the opinion that it is a moral issue. That explains the rest of my feelings on the gay issue.

As for abortion, it's the lesser of the two evil for me. I would much rather see a woman have a choice in this matter, go and do it the safe way, then see her our of desperation go do it an unsafe way, and end up dead. People make poor choices...let them suffer the consequences.

lucy said...

My opinions on this may always change. But for now that is what they are.

the narrator said...

"I believe that gay people should have rights as couples. As to what it should be called - who cares."


lucy said...

I just want to thank everyone for commenting. I think it takes guts;0)!

La espanola, thanks for commenting here and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. Hate crimes are terrible and there's no excuse for that kind of behavior. That's a specific situation when the social worker in me comes out and I want to stand up for whoever is being abused.

Lettie said...

I am sorry, Loyd...I didn't know I had to be so PC... is homosexuals better? do people who are gay not call themselves gay? Do people who are white not call themselves "white people?" Come on, seriously. They are people who are gay so therefore ARE quite literally, "gay people." If just talking about one, of course that would just be a gay person...just like I am a female person.

the narrator said...


i was answering your question, "As to what it should be called - who cares."

the answer is gay people.

Lettie said...

oops - (blushing) sorry.

Lettie said...

sorry to keep up the comments hi-jack, but I thought I would clarify what I meant.
When I wrote "who cares?" I meant that what's the strong attachment on either side (for or against) the word "marriage" being used to define both? I know there is more than just that to the whole prop, but being that I don't live in CA, I didn't really get super into it.

jkziel said...

I have been sorting through my opinions on this...

It is a HUGE issue with so many underpinnings!

lucy said...

JZ, so very, very true. I should sort my thoughts out on this before I speak/write aloud. Loyd knows how to get me thinking/talking. That's what makes him such a good teacher.

CUTRER said...

Well Lucy I think your right, for me if people want to do what ever with there bodies that is there right but when the law starts telling me that my kids will be taught that what our values are not right and that what I feel is God's plan "marriage is between a man and a women" that is pushing it. I have friends that are guy and that is there choice but what about fallowing the counsel of our Prophet he is speaking for our Heavenly Father! We where men & women with him in the pre-mortal life an why when we enter earth that changes? He gave us parts to fix one another not changing our make up.

lucy said...

Edith, thanks for the comment. I think us moms have a lot on our plates when we think of our kids. We are very protective and act accordingly.

the narrator said...


so you want your religion taught in public schools?