Wednesday, November 05, 2008


ObamaHistory made with Obama's win. I'm very happy for him and that this country has come a long way. I don't think it's because the white, middle age man, has become less into himself but because minorities in this country are emerging, speaking out, voting, and becoming a huge force during this time. I think having Obama run, pulled together the voices that are sick of being unheard. Someone worthy of their (our) support has finally arrived.

I don't know why anyone in their right mind would want to be the President especially since things are messy in the world. More power to you Obama. I pledge my support and hope things go well.

I just read a couple more of Shannon Hale's books. Princess Academy was good and I enjoyed it. She likes to have a hero, play on mystical speech, and set her stories in a time long ago. It's refreshing, an easy read, and fun.

But, my favorite, I think for the entire year of reads, is her Book of A Thousand Days. It is based on the fairy tale "Maid Maleen," set in medieval Mongolia, and Hale used Jack Weatherford's Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World to help with the writing.

I loved it for many reasons. The main character was smart, hard working, funny, and a person of integrity. She was true to herself and her mucker heritage. She faced many moral decisions and seemed to always make the right choice breaking one rule to obey another. It made for many interesting situations that led to an ending that I loved. I liked the format of the book, it was her journal and record of life as the maid of a royal Lady. Can I say again....I LOVED this book and it's the best one I've read all year. I'll say this much. She and her lady were shut up in a tower for seven years because her Lady refused to marry the Lord her father chose for her. It was soooooooo good! And I felt inspired.
Can I say I'm feeling grateful for a lot of things including my husband, each one of my boys, our health, our home, that we have food and drink, for my husband's job and work ethics, and our opportunities in life. I had a really good day with the kids yesterday and saw their goodness, their potential, and that they are really moving along well. It was one of those days we weren't running around like crazies but instead were able to enjoy one another and be together.


Tiffany said...

Ok, sounds like another good one I'll have to read! I really liked Goose Girl, though it took me some time to get into it at first. I think once you become accustomed to her writing style, that helps.

Oh, and I still need to bring your book to you! It's in my car, carefully protected in a gallon-size ziploc...I'm just too scatterbrained to remember to hand it to you! Sorry....bad borrower.

Emily said...

oh, I just love those seems I haven't had one in a long while! it feels like every day I am running around with my head cut off. I miss the days when the twins were babies and I just sat down on the floor and played with them. I let the dishes and laundry go and now life just seems too hectic. I love the days where you can just have "togetherness."

CUTRER said...

How wonderful to hear someone talk postive about there family an be humble and greatful for what our Heavenly Father gives. Your a good mother Lucy and your family is very sweet. We miss you guys.

Amy-Alisa said...

I really loved 'Princess Academy' until the end. I feel like she took the easy way out of that one, it was all too convenient. I will second your love for 'Tale of a Thousand Days'. I loved the journal style, and that is one creepy guy. I got a little freaked out reading some parts at night, and I loved that the heroine was not drop dead gorgeous, she was normal, brave and real.

lucy said...

alright Amy, so what should I read next? You seem to have lots of good books up your sleeve.