Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Update

These are some of the things the boys have been happily busy with that I thought would be driving me crazy (give it a couple months and things will probably be DI-ed). But they've been completely entertained and hey, I love gumballs....thank goodness A doesn't have a sense of ownership yet.

about 1500 little extra parts have been added to our household

3 marshmallow shooters (courtesy of Uncle Bobby, of course..... a previous year it was 2 pairs of huge boxing gloves {bobbyandloyd}.......gotta love the Uncles....this is their way of making sure the boys are raised right....ooohh can't wait till they have kids.........payback time.jk)

notice "holds 25 marshmallows for non-stop fun!" should read something like "holds 25 marshmallows for non-stop aggravation for your mom!" For those with little boys who are interested in these.......Bobby said he purchased them online. Warning......It actually stings a little when you get pegged by a marshmallow. I think Bobby might think that's cool and worth every penny then.

Nice seeing a 2 year old in this position.......what kind of kids are these Americans raising?

A is often drawn to dolls. When we're at the toy store, the older boys look at legos and A turns his back to them to play with the dolls. He chose the one above and I was sort of happy it was neglected.



and Dinner
I love to make/have turkey for Christmas or Thanksgiving. We also had stuffing, homemade bread, ham, green bean casserole, Quin's token mashed potatoes, and angel food cake. Dinner goes a long ways. I froze a bunch of meat for future tamales. We made turkey dumpling soup for dinner tonight. We boil the left over bones and meat on it to make the broth and I use to freeze a bunch of it for soups and gravy when K had all of his allergies.
Quin was noticing the boys being quiet at dinner. They were well behaved. It was nice. I'll have to remember to starve them again when we have guests (exaggeration, what happened was that I made the stuffing around lunch time which I always do and forget that they hate my stuffing. It's too complicated and has all the veggies they dislike the most, that I LOVE.....mushrooms, onions, celery, etc. Well, I thought it convenient to feed it to them for lunch but I forgot what happened when I did last year resulting with the same occurrence this year......whining, GAGGING, commotions, threats, well you get the idea and so the kids were pretty hungry by dinnertime).

After the boys went to bed we played Ticket to Ride. It's nice that Uncle Quin is competitive but the poor guy forgets who he's playing with. We ate him alive and then spit him out! It was a fun, relaxing day. We loved having Quin over and catching up. And not just for the surprise he brought us.....the gift from John and Setsuko (my in laws). Once again they were generous and very thoughtful. Our jaws dropped because it was such a great gift and because it was exactly what we wanted but didn't end up buying.....a keyboard!!!!!

This post is a bit materialistic....sorry. It'll be a sad day when the boys no longer play with toys. Just trying to note what it was like in 2008.


Natalie Jensen said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! I love the pictures you take.

Supergabesmomma said...

Wow, sounds like a fantastic day! Just like a Christmas with boys should be. We now have an additional million or so little pieces in our house! Fun, fun.

Hope you're feeling better. :o)

CUTRER said...

We are bummed we missed such a feast! I see the kids had a good Christmas day, they must have been good this year. Merry Christmas Lucy & family

jkziel said...

I have played ticket to ride all weekend---great game.

Hmm...Isaac would love a Marshmallow gun,however, he'll have to wait for an uncle/grandma (etc) to purchase such a toy for him.

It sounds like you had a great holiday.