Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waiting for the Kids to Fall Asleep

We've been eating a lot of treats lately. I did run 10 miles so far this week. 5 of which I did today. Ummm, it was windy and cold. But glad to have done it. Anyone up for a winter triathlon?

The kids are super excited for tomorrow. When asked what was the most exciting part of tomorrow and the next exciting part of tomorrow K replied "opening presents and then playing with them." Looks like we're on the right track for normal kids.

Latest Lego creation.

We picked a family and did the 12 days of Christmas. Every day we left them gifts according to the day. On the 12th we gave them 12 candy gingerbread village style. We all got a kick out of this one. The best part was hearing the kids after opening the door and finding the village on the front step..."oh wow!!" It was sweet.

Snowflakes. So talented!

Oh yes, Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for coming to visit us via our online journal, weblog, blog, whatever. It's a great way to keep up with a few of the things we are doing and share thoughts on topics. I am thankful for this beautiful season that reminds me of so much goodness and sparks so many fun and loving interactions between us all. I am Thankful for Christ and His life and example, for good health, a home, food, water, for my husband and precious boys, for the opportunities we have learn, grow, and serve.


Natalie Jensen said...

Merry Christmas C, N, and boys!

Marisa said...

My kids and I loved the snowflakes and the legos! We're coming in February and hopefully we can get our boys together, they are so much alike! Merry Christmas!