Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Tweezers

are very, very important to me. I am protective about my tweezers. A few times a month I use them to pluck my eyebrows and I'm sure I've used them for a dozen other things.

There is one thing that gets me worked up when it comes to my beloved tweezers and that's if someone uses them and doesn't return them to the right spot. When it's time to pluck my eyebrows and I can't find my tweezers where they are suppose to be I get irritated. Very irritated. uwww, how I hate to search for my tweezers, up and down the house, underneath couch seats, beds, insides drawers, cabinets, grrrrrr. Do not mess with my tweezers people.

Since I've been married I've always been o.k. with other members of this household using my tweezers whenever as long as they are returned to the right spot. They've been used for surgery on nasty, ingrown toe nails, pulling out those hard to get boogies in babies noses, and other various, disgusting things including today's eventful task of getting out a small toy part from L's nostril. When asked why he put it in his nose he replied "I wanted to show K that I could do it." Hmmm, I wonder if big brother had any part in this malicious trick.

So there you have it, a picture of my beloved tweezers and small toy part extracted from L's nostril today being disinfected in alcohol in a wine glass we got for our wedding and haven't used until now.

picture taken in A mode with flash, clarified, cropped, and contrast adjusted in paint shop pro.

Sick of Being Sick
We've caught some strange respiratory bug. It has some symptoms of croup but different. We all have sore throats that get worse in the night and a dry, swollen feeling in the back of the throat that makes us cough and gag. The boys have been congested and irritable. They are happy in the day usually so that's a nice break. I'm just ready for it to GO AWAY. Going on 2 weeks now, I am ready and sick of being sick! Little A wouldn't eat much for days I was so happy to find his sliced oranges as you see above.
Some Fun Outings

We went to the Jazz game as a family. I know the Jazz lost and that's about all I can tell you. The kids enjoyed being out, riding the tracks, and having hot dogs. Chris and I had the opportunity to see the Christmas concert at the conference center featuring the Mormon Tabernacle choir and Brian Stokes Mitchell. It was really nice.


Chris said...

haha, I guess I won't tell you everything else I used it for.

the Heatons said...

Those tweezers deserve to be framed and mounted on the wall. I remember getting a toy stuck up my nose when I was a kid. Yikes, I thought it was never going to come out. I'll spare you the details. Anyhow, I hpoe you guys start feeling better! Being sick with sick kids is really hard. Have a great Christmas!

Cooper said...

i echo your sentiment about the tweezers... this is why i have like 5 pair (i can either find them all at once or NONE at all)

we also have the same cold bug in our home now... so basically, I hear ya!!!

Jessica Hughes said...

Isn't it funny how you have tweezers but I have a pair of nail clippers I got with Tanner as an infant and they are the BEST. I still have them and the only ones I will use. We have several other pair but these ones are MINE. YThey did break and I temporally fixed them in hopes they last another 7 years or until I find another pair or two. Thanks for your commit. I 'm really getting the hang of this workout routine. Now that it's working for ME. Your mom called me on accident the other day and we talkied for 10 min. or so. Selling the mauna loa home and living in LaHabra. Merry christmas