Saturday, December 20, 2008

Then and Now


Natalie Jensen said...

Very cute! It is so sad how fast they grow up. I was looking at pictures from this time last year and was a little saddened that my babies are growing up too fast.

jkziel said...

I need you to get nice silhouette style pics of my boys.

I haven't even tried yet because I KNOW it will be a frustrating experience.

How fast they grow!

Sara C. said...

Cute pics. I remember cute little K at that age!

Your food pics look great. I wish I had some of those gorditas. Is there anything you can't do???????

To answer your question on our blog, since we moved here, there have been several records broken weather wise. Not good ones, either. Like for the most snow, ever on record, last year. And this year, most snowfall in a 24 hour period. We seem to have brought some wicked luck with us here to CDA!