Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Play Group

This is one of the best things I got involved with this school year. Every Fridays the boys get together and play at a friend's house. It's a small group of boys but big enough to engage in play and enough that I host once a month. And also with K's busy schedule it covers the playing with friends part of his life that is important but hard to do with a busy schedule and not having a next door neighbor to conveniently play with. It's during L's preschool time and A's naptime so they don't have the "annoying" younger brothers to deal with. Here we are on a walk on our way home from picking L up.

For L, we call a friend to come over. I really want to have his friends over more regularly. It's so good for them.

A is content and so far hasn't really shown a need. He always has someone to play with anyways. He's very attached to us and flipped last Sunday when K gave a talk during primary and Chris and I left to go see it while someone sat with the nursery kids. I hope he grows out of it seeing that he'll start preschool in the Fall.


jkziel said...

Matthew is going to go to preschool next fall too...and he's very attached to Me & Isaac. If one of us is there he does great...otherwise he is a very sad boy. I'm hoping he grows out of it before the fall!

So many boys, you are brave!

Emily said...

lately i've been thinking more about playdates, not so much for the sake of my boys, but for others. i have friends that have boys with NO brothers and i think about how hard that would be for them! boys are so fun! it's so good to share!

Supergabesmomma said...

I agree - it's so good and important for the kids to have friends and play time. G is lucky, we have tons of boys close by for him to play with. But the little one if kind of on his own. He has friends at the gym, but now that he can play well with others, he needs more friends his own age. Unfortunately, when G has friends over, D falls into that "annoying little brother" category...it's hard being 3!

Emily Redd said...

Alex LOVED playing the other day. he feels the same way. he starting to want to have more and more play dates. maybe we should start something up with he and L once or every other week? what do you think? we can talk this weekend.