Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chewie Incidences

Soon after we got our hamster, L woke up in the middle of the night extremely itchy. We soon discovered he was allergic to Chewie's bedding. We put it's cage in the downstairs shower and it's been there alot. We did figure out how to deal with the problem and L had been fine ever since. I change it's bedding every other to few days. His bedding now is shredded homework, mail, and ads.

L put Chewie in his running ball and then put him in a teeny tiny closet stuffed with books. It was there for hours until L remembered. Poor thing was starving amongst other things.

The next day L was holding the hamster, for a while, when Chewie bit his thumb and left a hole. Since then L has been a little leery.

I was doing laundry and forgot to close the stair gates while Chewie was in his ball. Chewie fell down the stairs.

Little A threw Chewie across the room while he was in his ball. I wasn't in the room but Chris witnessed it. I just heard the commotion afterward.

So far the hamster has been resilient; But, I don't know how much of us it can take. We do try to take care of it but sometimes things happen. It's definitely on the bottom of my list of priorities but nevertheless I do what I can.


Chris said...

Imagine the hamster ball flying through the air like a soccer ball. When it slams the ground, its spinning so fast the hamster is smashed to the side of ball from the centripetal force and it continues for 20' or so. Then abruptly stops as it slams the fireplace, flinging the hamster from the far side of the ball smack into the other side of the ball. I seriously did not expect the hamster to move after that. I thought for sure that Chewie was dead.

lucy said...

Poor Chewie...

Lettie said...

I agree that hamsters seems to have 9 lives like cats. We had some when I was younger (but older know better) and we used to play catch with the actual animal! (just soft underhand tosses, but still quite inappropriate.)

the narrator said...

i've been waiting to hear about chewie taking a trip down the stairs.